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  • Ian Leung el August 31, 2013

    I just had, what I was told by nurses, a manic episode of bipolar. At the beginning, it felt very much like what you described as spiritual emergency. However, I was unable to sleep for 3 days, so I went to see the doctors. They saw my symptoms and had a very serious and fearful attitude towards it; they immediately put me in a psychiatric ward. At that point, my spiritual experience took a sudden dive into the borderline schizophrenic spectrum you described. I wish doctors had a more open mind.

  • rondamommie el August 31, 2013

    What is your definition of psychosis? I hear you mention this in this video often. Thank you. I found the information presented in this video to be very enlightening! Great work!

  • Leo LD el August 31, 2013

    I’m diving into the deep end. I need to find a transpersonal psychologist. I live in France, near Switzerland – does anyone know any in these areas? I need to re-experience these traumas. Once and for all. Holotropic Breathwork, whatever. If this works, you are a saviour, Sean Blackwell. A godsend. It will be destiny that I found your videos. I hope to one day post a comment on this video announcing my enlightenment. Crying of joy. Wish me luck. God bless you all.

  • Leo LD el August 31, 2013

    And what Sean Blackwell says this in video agrees with what I say. Relive the trauma as intensely as you can.

  • Chuck W. el August 31, 2013

    If you still obsess over past trauma, more details need to be uncovered. A good psych will ask you first to relive it out loud. As you gloss over details, he/she should ask for those details, and note any emotions exhibited when you do. Then you tell the story again as though you are watching someone else. The goal is for you to see the event as something that happened to a child, someone you no longer are, allowing you to shed the traumatic feelings associated with it.

  • Leo LD el August 31, 2013

    I’m occupied by post traumatic stress frm a bullying experience at school. I started reliving the experience, and it makes me feel good, but it still occupies my mind. I want to do Hypnotherapy to relive the experience more intensely. The hypnotherapist suggests i need to “move on” though and won’t agree with me. Please, I have so much hope for my life and I NEED an answer NOW. Make or break. Never give up. Suffering hell can only make you rocket back to heaven.Life starts now. Your opinions pls

  • LiberApolion el August 31, 2013

    I find the work of Eric Voegelin interesting to describe your ideas -”mysticism.” Every now and them society will change paradigms (Kuhn), and with it, language will also change. The problem is when we call different things with the same name and when we use different names for the same thing. Basically we misunderstand. The evolutionary model of A. Comte has many problems and ended being the same. To think that the ‘now’ is better (love) than the primitive is naive. Homo sum nihil humani …

  • Blue Monkeys Productions el August 31, 2013

    thanks!! super interesting

  • alankav08 el August 31, 2013

    hi sean bought your diary last year,very good t get some perspective.iv had 2 experiences of psychosis and was labelled the first time it happened.i knew unfortunately not like most people that what happened was more important and magical than anything i thought was possible.what a fuckn mystical surreal few weeks that is like the zenith of life.its scary but one thing i think your missing is,good soul or bad.the light illuminates the shadow and shows the self and some ppl are not after being gd

  • juice878 el August 31, 2013


  • Leo LD el August 31, 2013

    this video is amazing. i can relate to so much of this. thank you so much.

  • Jean Jeanie el August 31, 2013

    Great reply! Bravo! Thanks I needed that. Because I’m beginning to think the exact same way. This is not a ‘bad’ thing to have, it can take you places others cannot go to… you must have will to survive it though

  • creativecompanion el August 31, 2013

    Can a spiritual emergency last for years? I have been in extreme discomfort off and on for 20 years.

  • buddy7550 el August 31, 2013

    I’m glad I found this vid, i’ve been dealing with this basically my whole life. I can tell to three things you spoke about I completely disagree, but I think that’s more due to me always having it and not beginning around 14 or so..
    Thanks for making it

  • Myra Valdez el August 31, 2013

    During my physcosis I remember it lasted almost 2 weeks . It was such an awakening and during this time I had so much energy hardly slept or hardly ate . I had a very Spiritual moment during this time where I was able to forgive my abuser from childhood without anyone being present . Not only did I forgave him but in that moment I also prayed for him . I was finally able to let go of the pain after more than 20yrs of carrying hate . I thought I was gonna die but instead I feel reborn .

  • baconidiot el August 31, 2013

    You made me understand the very true nature of the spiritual awakening I lived last weekend. Thank you, Shawn Black. I now understand how I’m healing.

  • bipolarorwakingup el August 31, 2013

    Cool story Karen…thank you!

  • bipolarorwakingup el August 31, 2013

    You´re welcome Tracey!

  • Rahul Kanchan Gaikwad el August 31, 2013


  • Sherman Durr el September 1, 2013

    I concur with this video.

  • KAREN CANCEL el September 1, 2013

    During my psicosis I remember walking for 4 days into this dark valley and I asked God if I was going to stay there forever? He didn’t answer. So, I told Him “It’s okay I will still praise your name forever” I asked Him at least for a rubik cube family fotos and a fan. It was dark and I was floating. After seeing unbelievable evil/good entities and going through two of my own life legal trial He pulled me out to the light. It was painful but, today I feel more peaceful and uplifting than ever.

  • rcrev123 el September 1, 2013

    ok thanks man. I ask you this because you are graduated , is this statement true? “For in america, unless you are driven to succede with some strong force to overcome others (greed) no matter what, you will be lucky to reach “middle class” . Is this true?

  • thebassiskickin22 el September 1, 2013

    either its a great awakening. or the government deceived us all by making us all depressed bipolar being

  • Bent Realm Studios el September 1, 2013

    It is a pretty good model based on my own experience with others however I do not fit on your chart. And have key parts u are missing based on my own personal extremely atypical experience & some answers to some of ur questions in the video. Due to my atypical experience I have lots of data on this & have been told by multiple people I should write a book on bipolar. I have been wanting to write said books only with serious experts in the matter. Ur studies compliment my own studies perfectly.

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